Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Yesterday and Today: Lou Gehrig

This is the latest installment in our photo series depicting baseball's stars of yesteryear on the site of present-day Navin Field, site of Detroit's historic Tiger Stadium (1912-2009).

Photoshop by Nick Yim. Current photo and concept by Tom Derry.

Perhaps no photo sums up the history of our field more than this one of Lou Gehrig on May 2, 1939.

After appearing in 2,130 consecutive games, Gehrig took himself out of the lineup at Briggs Stadium.

When announcer Ty Tyson told the crowd what was happening, there was a stunned silence. Then there was a deafening cheer. The Iron Horse waved his cap to the Detroit fans, and sat on the dugout steps, never to play again.

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