Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A letter to Detroit City Council

Nov. 18, 2015

Avanti Press, Inc
155 W. Congress Street
Detroit, MI 48226

Dear City Council,

It is my belief that the highest and best use for the Tiger Stadium site is for it to be preserved as a natural grass baseball field, true to its historic dimensions and as a public park.

A public park would be of greater value to the Corktown community and the city as a whole. It would be available to residents and could represent a huge opportunity for destination tourism on a national level. Just because someone may not have strong feelings for the site or care about the history that was made on that field, doesn't mean they can't appreciate the economic opportunities that exist because of that love and history. 

The world's great brands strive to create emotional connectivity, and the Tiger Stadium site has tons of it. The interest in a historically preserved field, and a well-considered development surrounding it, will draw attention from all over America. 

The Detroit PAL plan, in its current form, puts at risk possibly the top placemaking opportunity we have in Detroit today. 

With a less intensely programmed grass field, PAL could still use the Michigan & Trumbull site as a showcase for clinics and championship games — and they could still build their offices, clubhouse, and museum there. It could be a win, win, win, win — for the City of Detroit, PAL kids, Corktown businesses and residents, and for those who appreciate the irreplaceable opportunity we have in keeping it real.

Detroit comprises an area of 139 square miles, and a group of dedicated citizens passionately wants to preserve four acres of  grass because of its truly unique historic value. 

PAL does great work in our city, but there are many fields throughout Detroit that would benefit from their investment. Please recognize the once-in-a-lifetime preservation opportunity we have here that exists nowhere else in the country.

Thank you.

Rick Ruffner
Avanti Press, Inc
155 W. Congress Street
Detroit, MI 48226


  1. 100 % agree. Thousands of Detroiters all over the country are waiting and hoping that the Council and the Mayor will step in and care for this grass park. Put some conditions on the deal with PAL that will ensure the park is open and all grass. What is the basis of the desire to block it off from the citizens of the city? Please make it a living, breathing, functioning part of the new Detroit. Love this piece of land as so many others do. I would like to come home and retire to an apartment overlooking this field. Nothing would make me happier. I am not alone. Please listen to the people who love our city. I lived there my first 30 years, then moved for love. I did not stop loving Detroit. Show some love for the field, and the place it has, and work something out for the millions of dollars going to PAL. Or, let it be. They could go any number of other places in the city.