Friday, December 19, 2014

Yesterday and Today: Al Kaline

This is the latest installment in our photo series depicting baseball's stars of yesteryear on the site of present-day Navin Field, site of Detroit's historic Tiger Stadium (1912-2009). 

Photoshop by Nick Yim. Current photo and concept by Tom Derry.

Tigers Hall of Famer Al Kaline turns 80 today

By Tom Derry

Here's a young Al Kaline stepping out of the batter's box, and heading for first base. 

I remember watching a Tigers game on Channel 4 years ago, with George Kell and Kaline in the broadcast booth. A routine fly ball was hit to the Detroit right-fielder, who dropped it.

Kell said, "Gee, Al, you played the outfield for more than 20 years. It must be embarrassing to miss an easy one like that."

"I wouldn't know, George," 
Kaline said. "I never dropped one."

Happy birthday, Al.

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